Where are those peaceful days?

When protectors are turned into a killer

When the innocents are accused of slaughter

When women are oppressed and exploited

When the waging war is a usual affair.


Peaceful days are stolen and are no more

Just and upright leaders are wiped out therefore

Youths are confused and are out of state

Is there anyone we can trust anymore?


Who will help the orphan and the poor?

Who will answer the call of the oppressed?

Where is Malcolm X, where is Salahuddin?

Or, everyone is busy in singing their melodies?


Where is the army of resistance my Lord?

Where is the army of resistance my Lord?


Your callous disregard for life and property

Your heartless ignorance for food and poverty

Where is your slogan of freedom and liberty?

I am not stupid to understand your hypocrisy.


Helpless eyes are brimmed with tears

Women and children are breathing in fear

Your temptation for arms has ruined the world

Why are you involved in gigantic boondoggle?


O beautiful morning of As Shaam

Did you witness the same, the turmoil all around?

The bodies of the martyr are lying on the ground?

Their sympathy is thrown like poison I found.


Oppressor are loved and oppressed are ignored

Where is the army of resistance my Lord?


Media is propagating and media is lying

Hiding from the people savage war crime

Controlling the mind and spreading the rumor

Thatโ€™s your invention and thatโ€™s you propaganda


Their plan is cursed and their plot is colluded

They are among the people, most evil and deluded

The night is crying and the day is in anguish

The enemies of peace are bound to perish.


Stories of pharaoh is enough to take heed

Nothing can satisfy your burgeon greed

Stop piling up the horrible bad deeds

The seed of your destruction has already been sown.

Ballad Blog Out of the window

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  1. Bhai Abuzar.. Till Now we were friends but now i m ur fan…
    May allah keep our brothers & sisters safe from the hands of evil.

    • Thanxx bhai..i read your poem..””war and war”..and to be honest this poem is no where close to that. Both are i think based on same theme..give me some suggestion for improvement..!!

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