For those who ponder

Positive Energy 

For those who think, for those who wonder

For those who reflect, for those who consider

O children of Adam*,

The signs of God are spread to ponder.

The beautiful flowers that flail in the breeze

That attracts the enchanting fly and the bees

Wind that send as herald of glad tiding

Giving you a taste of His Grace and compassion

Ship that sail in the ocean widespread

For the profit of mankind, giant and lofted

And the mountain has He firmly fixed

Made therein passage, for you to pass through

The earth that He extended to a wide expanse

Draws out there from, its moisture and pasture

And Canopies of cloud that pour down the rain

Out of it grows the vegetation that you gain

Corn fields and date-palms with spathes near breaking

Fruits in abundance, hanging low and near.

Did you cause it to grow or He has the ability?

Are you so blind to push it all aside?

Where is your intellect, Where is your sagacity?

O men of understanding! Pause and give thought

From dust you are created and to dust you belong

And blessed you with sense of right and wrong

The color that you possess and language that you speak

The pain that you feel and the love that you show

Indeed these are signs for those who are wise.

Then here is the message from the lord of the worlds

Which of the favors of your lord will you deny?

*(Peace be upon him)

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