I wonder

Flowers and the bees

I wonder the way comely flowers bloom

The way they dance and the way they rejoice

I wonder the way they survived each season

I wonder the way they smile each moment


Flowers, O Flowers. You are an ode to the summer

You are a call of bliss, a touch of the marvel

You are an illustration of beauty, a symbol of love

Your sparkling beauty is an amusement for the beholder


O flowers, Do you know why I am praising you?

Nay, It’s not about your beauty or fragrance you possess

or the way you dance in the breezy summer

But the way you stand on your waggling stem

And deeply shaken by the ghastly storm

I saw you one day in a barren field

Facing the wind like warrior with the shield

And still your face was the kiss of the bliss.


O flowers, I have handful of questions for you

So tell me, you the host of the heaven,

How you keep smiling till blue in the face?

How you give fragrance to the flies and the bees?

And even to the hand that crushes you otherwise?


“I am an expression of elegance in ecstatic motion,

You think and you believe

But I do fall and fade and lose my luster

Absorbed by the nature, ignored by the being

But surely I am an expression of Joy, I dance and sing”

“So, listen to your soul, rest is fate”: whispered the flower.

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