About Me

Although it’s quite unfair to ask somebody to write about himself, because usually I don’t even talk to myself, neither someone else ever genuinely told me anything that may reflect my quality, character or personality in any way whatsoever. However I always knew what I love and that is something I will love to spell out.

I love writing because sometimes the tiny words that I pull out from my skin act as an antidote for the world I live in.

I love nature, it fools us in the same way as we fool ourselves, and a little more pondering, you are indeed among the wanderers.

I love tea, especially the one which has a lemon flavour, it reminds me of the poems that I have lost in the cosmos, frozen in time. And a few extra spoon of sugar would be a kind gesture.

I love to put a smile on others’ face, few years after and a little more or maybe a little less, I am still learning to smile. World smiled anyway.

I love reading weird books, swimming on weekends and movies to fool my heart. My mind is usually aware of this, so we both wink and smile together. Little heart, completely unaware of any such happening.

I love those who are humorous; in fact, sometimes I pretend to be among them. Yes, I do fail terribly quite often and then I become the reason for their laughter afterwards.

You want to know more about me, I will love to answer. Wait for a while, till the moon isn’t full.



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    • Awesome! Who we are colors are writing and informs our readers. I am always interested in meeting the person behind the words. I look forward to “meeting” you.

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