The forgotten art of storytelling

By the majority of us, storytelling isn't considered an effective tool to be used in the business context. We deliver 30 slides PowerPoint presentations all in the hope to move the audience with our ideas and thoughts. While the audience is yawning and checking phones every two minutes right in front of us.
How many times have you seen people yawning and checking phones while listening to a compelling story? In this article, I tried to highlight the importance of storytelling in the business context and how it can be inculcated effectively.

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It is so easy to plant life around us. and cherish the joy of many things it gives It is so easy to walk slow and enjoy the view and not be in haste to miss the moment It is so easy to love someone with your heart out and not be in doubt about…

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Let them Judge You!

Let them judge You. Let them gossip what their heart desire. Let them. You are precious than pearl and colorful than the rainbow and you are a beautiful piece of art, my dear. Don’t let their words consume You. You belong to the Moon and the stars. Stay above the chaos and shine!

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Happiness, Sometimes is frozen in little things. Like the tiny drop, that descend from the heaven. Or little shrub, that ascend from the earth,

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Zubi Dubi

(This poem is an expression of love for my two little cute chums ‘Zubi’ & ‘Dubi’, who have truly made me peaceful and ecstatic from inside.) — Wooden coop Angels inside Beaming pearls Blue, Yellow Tone mellow

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Winter came. Fire lit. Families gathered. Stories shared till midnight. What love doesn’t, Fire brought them together.  

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