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Happiness, Sometimes is frozen in little things. Like the tiny drop, that descend from the heaven. Or little shrub, that ascend from the earth,

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Zubi Dubi

(This poem is an expression of love for my two little cute chums ‘Zubi’ & ‘Dubi’, who have truly made me peaceful and ecstatic from inside.) — Wooden coop Angels inside Beaming pearls Blue, Yellow Tone mellow

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Winter came. Fire lit. Families gathered. Stories shared till midnight. What love doesn’t, Fire brought them together.  

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I wonder

I wonder the way comely flowers bloom The way they dance and the way they rejoice I wonder the way they survived each season I wonder the way they smile each moment  —

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I fall

I rush towards the mountain with bare feet Against the dead heat I climb to the top with dreams as my burden Against all hurdles I rise like a cloud that ascends to the heaven

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For those who ponder

  For those who think, for those who wonder For those who reflect, for those who consider O children of Adam*, The signs of God are spread to ponder. The beautiful flowers that flail in the breeze That attracts the enchanting fly and the bees

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Where are those peaceful days?

When protectors are turned into a killer When the innocents are accused of slaughter When women are oppressed and exploited When the waging war is a usual affair. __________ Peaceful days are stolen and are no more Just and upright leaders are wiped out therefore Youths are confused and are out of state Is there…

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