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Leading the CSR Challenge Team to organize the International case competition

About Me

I am passionate about the roles that drives me to the edge! Roles that are challenging and diverse at the same time. Problem solving is my forte and so is my ability to combine my engineering knowledge, diverse experience, and tools and technique I have learnt during MBA.

From working on manufacturing floor to solving business problems under CEO, I garnered varied experience over the period of five years. From getting prestigious CEO’s quarterly award to failing to get the project done, I have tested both success and failure, and  thus it has brought learning and humility to stay focussed.

HEC Montreal


2020 | MBA, HEC Montreal
  • VP CSR Challenge – Managed a team of 18 people to organize an international case competition
  • Fellow consultant – Developed better value proposition for a SaaS-based AI startup from Barcelona
  • As part of the Student Association, Enabling sustainable development initiatives such as Zero waste, carbon-neutral event, and socially conscious investment
  • Received $2000 scholarship for exceptional achievement in Leadership and academic performance

Professional Experience


Experienced professional with 5 years of expertise in product planning and forecasting, business development, and marketing strategy. Looking for challenging roles involving strategic planning, product management, and marketing & analytics 


  • Received CEO Quarterly Award for multiple strategic initiatives, achieved success in 2 projects within a period of 3 months
  • Awarded with Competent communicator and pursuing Leadership Certification from Toastmasters International
  • Received Sterlite Champion Award for improving quality engagement through town-hall call in 26 offices across the country
  • Rewarded with Spot award for single-handedly initiating and managing more than 10 client visits to our high-tech facility

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