Words and Colours

In Search of you

I am in search of the pearl. The pearl that I can proudly engrave on the shell of love that I have carved out in the golden hour of hope. A rare pearl who will reflect the light of hope in the night of despair. 

I am in search of a bird. The bird with whom I can fly above the mountains beyond the chaos of the earthly disorder. The bird with whom I can fly all across the desert and no so bothered about the constant gravity that will be pulling us down . I am in search of that mesmerizing bird that I can sit with on the tree of romance and watch the sunset holding hand in hand. And sit even longer and watch the stars shining and twinkling towards us, admiring our love and affection for each other. I want to fly above the beautiful castle and share the ocean of stories we have kept in our heart for long.

the moon and Stars

Said one star to the neighboring one, I am the brightest of stars, I am famous on earth, and I even have a name there. I am studied in books, and people look up at night and use me as a guiding tool when they are lost. Do people of earth know you?
Said the other star, No, I do not have a name, and I am not famous among the people of earth. And unlike you, I am not studied in books. Soon I reckon they will forget me.

Moon was passing by, and he heard the conversation, and he said to the star who was brightest between them. You may have a name on earth, and you may be famous among them and studied in books, but the people of the earth travel hundreds of kilometers, on a special night, and go to a special place to see one glimpse of your neighbor. And when they see him, it brings tears to their eyes, and wishes they could see your neighbor each day. Only special people on a special occasion get a glimpse of him, on a night when they are able to see the whole Milky Way. And thus, they are happier to see your neighbor than the star they see each night. Those people call themselves lucky.

(This story is inspired by the night I got to see the great Milky Way for the first time in my life)

Writing in the background

This one too

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