You are, what you think you are

Pain, adversity and misfortune are blessings from the Almighty. Yes my dear, they are! And once it touches the purest of the pure soul, it shakes them deeply like the comely flowers are waggled by the ghastly storm. And as the flower loses its leaf one by one, soon you will notice that your faith in oneself is diminishing gradually until it will put you in utter darkness where the light of hope barely enters your heart, and the moment you feel dead from inside, you are literally dead from outside as well.

You will assume that your patience and perseverance has given up; you will start thinking that your dream which you had fantasized back in your childhood is now so bleak that it’s not of your interest any more. And the moment you will assume that all doors are closed, you will feel hopeless beyond repair, crying and mourning with tears flowing down. But it’s not the tears that are going down, it is your courage, the courage to stand up and fight back. Your tears my dear, are precious gems well kept. Don’t let them flow for the pain and adversity that has touched you, lest it will make you weak and feeble by time. It’s not bad to cry, in fact cry as hard as you can, but make sure once you are done, you should never cry for the same reason again. Rise again and fight back with your utmost strength and leave the fate to the Almighty for He is the one who knows you best. And use your wisdom and knowledge; it will help you to stay strong. Gather your patience and perseverance for in these times, these are your honest companions.

It takes time for storm to pass and dust to settle, soon you will see my dear that all of these are nothing but the frozen past lost in time. Soon you will see that the pain, adversity and misfortune has brought you nothing but the confidence, belief and a stronger you and it has taken away nothing but your fear, your weaknesses and your cowardliness. And soon you will see that the joy has kissed you. And what is joy? It is the sorrow unmasked. The joy which was trapped inside the strong husk of sorrow and pain has now been broken by the stronger you. You have learnt one of the greatest and priceless lessons of your life from the difficulties you have faced. You are no more the same person you were before, you are brave and confident and you can feel it in your vein, you can feel it in the gentle breeze, and in the rustling of leaves. And now each morning will greet you more beautifully and will hug you with much love. And that’s why my dear, the pain, adversity and misfortune are the blessings from Almighty. So remember this line from the greatest poet of all time, Jalaluddin Rumi: “Wound is the place where light enters in your body”.


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